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Breeding space for unpasteurized creativity

If you like our artwork, join us!

This is a passion project and we like making weird stuff. The Project is an experiment to see if this type of expression brings people together. If this art fits your interest, as it does for us, please join our community. Let's enjoy the shameless art together!



Unpasteurized Artistic Space

Most artists are imprisoned by societal norms. To correct this we have to create a safe space for them to express their inner worlds. Shameless Studio is aiming to be one of those spaces. Artists can look for completeness instead of chasing sick perfection in societal guidelines.

Direct Audience Exposure

Some of the artists have to go through hell to find the right niche. That's where Shameless Studio steps in and offers to be the medium between artist and Shameless audience. The project aims to expose and present the art without restrictions to everyone and everywhere.

Societal Paradigm Shift

The more people will be able to resonate with the Shameless art and be part of this community, the more openness should be able to enter our society. Shameless Studio should be one of the ways to help break harmful constructs and enable us to move into a freer and less suppressed world.

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Want to be one of the Shameless Artists? Want to make some intense art together? If you like drawing weird stuff and ur good at it, don't be shy, join the Shameless community and let us know!


Shameless Pleasure

The custom-made collection contains only 5 color variants per artwork.

This Art is for pristine collectors made by Shameless artists who want to explore dark corners of pleasure. Enjoy our collection and feed your urge to behold the true expression of sensuality.

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